Finally all that film is developed.

As you can see... my 2017 film has finally been developed. I used to do all of this with my partner, in our windowless bathroom... but now, we have found a proper lab in Vancouver to take care of our films and hence spend less time developing and WAY more time shooting.


Our son Franz. Sick as a dog on this camping and climbing trip with his mama. Still allowed me to take this shot.

Our son Franz. Sick as a dog on this camping and climbing trip with his mama. Still allowed me to take this shot.


We've been busy keeping an eye in our viewfinders.

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Penticton. a special place for us

Every year since Eric and I have been together, we have come here to climb, swim, bathe in the Southern BC sun in the early spring and sometimes early fall.

Afternoon hammock naps after cragging all morning

Afternoon hammock naps after cragging all morning

Of course, we also came when I was quite a few months pregnant and have come every spring since Franz has been born... he loves it as much as we do. Even when we climb every day, he finds some kind of fun, of course it's a diffferent kind of trip for all of us but always so relaxing. Banbury Green has become our basecamp area every time we are in Penticton. There is definitely something special about this place. 


It feels like home.

Throwing everything in the lake

Throwing everything in the lake


At some point in time in our life, I know we will come here to live for while, I can just feel it.

My journey with yoga

This year has been an interesting one.

Change and evolution, letting go of what doesn't serve me, breathing a full breath. 



And of course with that comes my camera, and my film.

Here is a preview of the project I've nearly completed.


Cette année a été intéressante.


Tous les changements, laisser les choses qui ne m'aident pas dans mon évolution, prendre des respires plus profonds. Sentir mon corps et mon âme devenir la même chose.


Bien sûr, j'ai mon Rolleiflex et mes films noir et blanc.

Voici mon début de projet.



It's been a while, I'm not great at this blog thing :) But here is another try

Namaste life.

I had truly missed my constant yoga practice... and when I became pregnant with my son, the love was rekindled. As I fully re-submerse myself in this very consistent practice that I once did for many years before bearing a child, I am in the process of letting go of old hesitations and fears and am trying not to let my mind overcome my body.

It's been quite a journey over the last year, having completed my first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training / Yoga Alliance Certified.

Now, all that is left once again is my mat, myself and my mind.

Many new friends to converse with; but somehow it always ends up being you and your mat... and time.

Here is my 2016-2017 project, partly through my yoga teacher training and partly through my own exploration of bring a yogi and finding my centre balance. Next month I'll be taking photos of a few new friends from the training to add on to the small collection of shots I've taken through my training at Yoga Santosha.

Until then, small teaser.

My friend Brittney, being a mountain in urdhva dhanurasana. During our weekend at the Banff Yoga Festival in May... we had to take a stroll around Two Jack Lake...

This is more a memory than a technically sound photograph... but only to show that the body can meet nature once in a while, if we let it. My films are back from Vancouver... so the scanning and editing project begins soon!

Time to consolidate and simplify

Alright folks.

Time to put everything in one place!

Squarespace is amazing by the way. I am sold. Simpler than any other site builder I've ever used. It's clean, concise and fun to work on!

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From now on, everything will be here!

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